Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another ROPP Success story.

Sorry it's been so long between posts. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to write anything great now either except to share some new news I got via email today.This fall I will be giving a talk at the Maine Genealogical Society's Fall Conference on using social web sites for accelerating your genealogy research and is a great example of just that.

A few months ago I asked for photos from the Milbury cemetery where François and Frederique are buried.  Today I got the following email from findagrave:

Great News!

Find A Grave contributor, patricia wade has fulfilled your photo request for
François Ropp. To see the new photo(s), visit François Ropp's online memorial by
clicking on the link below:

If you'd like to thank patricia wade, click on the following link to leave them a

A successful photo request is a great example of the Find A Grave system working. If
you're happy with the services provided by Find A Grave, please consider removing
the ads from the François Ropp Online Memorial. Please click on the following link
to learn about sponsoring memorial pages:

Find A Grave

If you're so inclined take a few minutes to look at these photos a very kind (and new) findagrave volunteer took and posted online for our family, and thank her for her efforts.  This is a great service!