Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Alice ROPP

Alice ROPP KNIGHT circa 1926
Well, its about time I got something new to share with the family...

Not much has been written here about Alice ROPP.  Alice was the daughter of François and Frederique ROPP, but she did not come to America with the rest of the family in 1893.  I have a photo that was shared by a distant cousin who is also researching this family.

Last summer I received information that Alice was married to Frank KNIGHT on September 5, 1898 as published in the Town Clerks report for Boylston in 1899.  Today I received a copy of the actual marriage certificate which shows Alice's relationship to François and Frederique, and also shows a corrected date of September 5, 1899.

In addition, it proves that Alice was in the United States by 1899.  Did she come before the rest of her family?  Did she come later?  This is still unclear to me.

And, of course, now I know some more information about Alice's husband, Frank as well.  This is not my immediate family, but its interesting to me that I have this information and thought it worth sharing with anyone else who may be researching this family.  My direct line to François and Frederique is through Alice's brother, Ernest, but it is nice to know something about the whole family when trying to piece the story together of this "mystery family" (at least they are to me.) and their relocation from Europe to America.

Thank you to the Boylston Town Clerk who turned around my request for this document in record time.  I'm very appreciative.

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