Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Marie M. ROPP Gets Married

Some people aren't a fan of, but I am.  There. I've said it.  Sure, it has its problems, but there are also some nice upsides as well.  Here's a document I found this morning...  no shaky green leaf required...

If the typed up "published record isn't good enough and you want to see the actual Town Clerk's entry..  thank ancestry again - And I'm glad both are available.  Why does the typed copy have John's birthplac as England when the written copy clearly says Ireland?  Mental note: you MUST ALWAYS look for primary sources even if you have transcriptions.

This picture of Marie was shared with me by a cousin a few years ago. It was taken in August 1943

Marie Martine (ROPP) CASEY
August 1943

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